Let yourself be surprised by a different Holy Week. Did you know that the Santa Cruz neighborhood celebrates a unique and centennial procession?

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The Hermitage of Santa Cruz dates from the S. XVIII. It was built on the tower of the Ampolla, one of the few remains that still remain of the medieval walls. Inside this is the image of Christ, which is used in Holy Week in the parade of the procession.

Hermitage of Santa Cruz


This Alicante neighborhood is located at the foothills of Santa Bárbara Castle. It has a strategic location a little away from the city, but easily accessible from the old town of Alicante. It is a very unique, colorful and original neighborhood, which can be reminiscent of a typical Andalusian neighborhood. Hence, the curiosity of the Holy Week procession.

Map Santa Cruz Alicante

Views of the Castle from Santa Cruz


Every year on Holy Wednesday, the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross parades through this neighborhood of narrow streets, steep stairs and corners with charm, which make this celebration a unique event.

At dusk the procession leaves the Hermitage, which is located in the highest part of the neighborhood, and goes down with great effort down the steep streets and stairs.

There are four different steps, Cristo Cautivo (a copy of Medinaceli’s), Christ of the Faith, Virgen de los Dolores (since 1994 carried only by costaleros) and El Descendimiento.

The multitudinous procession returns at dawn to the top of the Hermitage to the race, another particularity that makes this act different, since it makes difficult the ascent of the steps.

On the facades of some houses you can see handcrafted tiles, with handwritten phrases, which allude to the neighborhood and this important festivity. These verses extol the particularities of this beautiful place and encourage the bearers and visitors to overcome the obstacles of the course, because in the end the effort has its reward!

Detail facade Santa Cruz


The Mediterranean diet is very healthy and known worldwide for its healthy benefits. But there are some exceptions that you can not miss during Holy Week. For example, the torrijas, the mona de Pascua, the chocolate figures or the more traditional, called fogaseta. Take the opportunity to sin with the typical sweets of the area on these dates!

Typical sweet Easter


Since this procession has become a cultural spectacle, we recommend that you plan your visit with time. It is important to arrive early at the neighborhood of Santa Cruz to give you time to take good site, and even go up to the hermitage and see the preparation of the steps. If you have extra time, we recommend that you visit the entire neighborhood, taking advantage of a drink in its charming terraces. You can access spectacular views of the city and the sea from many places in this peculiar neighborhood!

Views of Alicante from Santa Cruz

In addition, you can make a guided tour to explain everything live and in detail with Free Tour Alicante.

Do not wait any longer and get to know Holy Week in Santa Cruz Alicante!

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9 April, 2019
Tourism Alicante