Historical city centre Alicante

Historical city centre Alicante

Historical city centre Alicante has details that the tourist doesn’t… Continuar leyendo

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Historical city centre Alicante

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Alicante - binded from its origin to the sea and its mountain, the city leaves us a historical legacy worthy of being known and divulged. We, professional guides, take charge of it!

Jewels that the visitor doesn't expect

Historical city centre Alicante has details that the tourist doesn't expect, and one example is the striking sculpture of Saint John the Baptist, the work of Salvador Dalí. It is located inside of the City Hall welcoming the visitor. With an intense golden color, it has on the surface the imprint of the artist's fingers, as well as elements and details that narrate the story of the character in a concise and sober manner. One of the small jewels that we find in the Town Hall of Alicante, but not the only one ...


The local gastronomy is one of Alicante’s most important tourist attractions. Alicante’s cuisine is typically Mediterranean: fish (like prawns, crayfish, squid, red mullet...), cured salted fish, our famous "tapas", and the most important ingredient: rice. Also you can taste another tipycal products like local drinks (wines and spirits) or desserts; special mention to the famousice creams and the turrón de Jijona nougat or the delicious chocolate from neighbouring Villajoyosa.

Come with us and we will show you the awesome gastronomy of Alicante!

Historical city centre Alicante

One of the best things to do in Alicante is to walk, or rather, to stroll through the beautiful and intricate streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Described by many as a typical Andalusian village, the truth is that nothing has to envy to those. Considered the most beautiful neighborhood of Alicante. With its colorful houses, of which it's said that no two are alike, this picturesque and traditional neighborhood is the perfect complement to a visit in the historical center of Alicante.