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Alicante – Castle tour



Guided tour in the Castle of Santa Barbara, the most famous monument of the city of Alicante. A fortress whose wide history will not leave anyone indifferent, that’s why we propose this thematic tour about its legends and its architecture.

The entrance to the castle is free, but access by elevator costs € 2,70

You can also access by vehicle or by walking, with no cost.

Our guide will wait for you inside the castle (we will send exact meeting point with the confirmation) wearing the blue T-shirt of Free Tour Alicante.

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Alicante – Castle tour

what we see

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The meeting with the guide is directly up in the castle. If the customer decides to take the elevator, it has a price of € 2.70. You can also go up by foot or by car.

the architecture

It is divided into several parts, not all from the same historical periods. We will visit all of them, paying special attention to the Plaza de Armas (main square), the 'Homenaje' Tower, Saint Catherine Tower, the main cistern...

the history

The history of Alicante has been linked to this castle since Muslim times, when it was built. Since then he has witnessed rebellions, betrayals, and even death battles starring by Kings

the legends

The best known legend is the one related to the 'Face of the Moor', a love story, but there are also wandering ghosts in this fortress that has been the scene of so many deaths ...