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We will take you through the pinturesque and beautiful streets in the Old Town of Alicante; we’ll explain monuments such us the City Hall, the Co-Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, the Central Market, and the oldest church on the city: Saint Mary’s Church. We’ll get to know the history of Alicante so bounded to the sea, we’ll talk about the magnificent Fortress of Saint Barbara, we’ll walk the famous “Explanada de España” (Spain Esplanade)… and much more!

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ALICANTE Essentials

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Remember looking for the orange umbrella when you arrive to the meeting point: PLAZA DEL AYUNTAMIENTO (City Hall Square)

Alicante City Hall

Emblematic monument of Alicante due to the curiosities kept in its interior

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Esplanade of Spain

One of the icons of Alicante, the famous Esplanade of Spain, from which we will tell you its secrets and curiosities!

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Alicante Port

It's impossible to understand Alicante without the sea and its port, which connects us with the maritime side of Alicante

Basilica church of St. Marie

The oldest church in the city, originally Gothic but with an impressive baroque façade

Festivities and traditions

We will tell you the most popular festivities and traditions of Alicante, such as the "Hogueras de San Juan" (bonfires)

Co-Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Get to know the Co-Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, its interior keeps a beautiful cloister and incomparable baroque elements

Alicante gastronomy

We will talk about Alicante gastronomy and we will know the nougat of Alicante, famous all over the world

Wandering through the old town

Through the streets of the historic center, we will discover special corners and even there will be a space for poetry!


Santa Barbara Castle

Impressive castle overlooking the whole city, place where a lot of wars and battles took place, where several legends were born and we will tell you all of them